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Poshmiles – Orchid Lakeview Homestay


Set by the turquoise blue waters of Vembanad Lake, this Kerala homestay draws city-weary travellers to live out a holiday in the lap of nature. A haven in the backwaters of Alleppey, the encompassing clear blue skies ...

price 2,800
Lotus Homestay

Poshmiles – Lotus Homestay


A quaint idyllic cottage situated close to the backwaters of Alleppey, this homestay offers a quiet and peaceful stay. The surrounding lush foliage of the forest and the clear, calm waters of lagoons truly help put ...

price 1,400
Thoms Beach Homestay

Poshmiles – Thoms Beach Homestay


Sun-kissed sands and clear blue waters await you at this idyllic beachside holiday inn. This Family homestay is an ancestral property belonging to a native family of Alleppey town. Firmly rooted in traditional ...

price 1,850
Kalappura Homestay

Poshmiles – Kalappura Homestay


The soft gurgling sounds of the waters surrounded by lush green fringes make up the picturesque backdrop of <this homestay>. Alleppey is often called the Venice of the East and staying here makes it easy to see ...

price 1,500
Kurialacherry House

Poshmiles – Kurialacherry House


The calm, blue waters of the river Pampa grace the backdrop of this alluring homestay in Alleppey. Surrounded by long stretches of paddy fields and soaring coconut palms, this homestay brings forth a holiday ...

price 4,400
The Summer Villa

Poshmiles – The Summer Villa


A charming cottage snugly nestled in an embrace of natural beauty, <this homestay> exemplifies a life at ease. Enveloped in a lush blanket of greenery, the surroundings are teeming with the sights and sounds ...

price 2,000

Devayanam – Wayanad


Located in Padivayal of the Wayanad district of Kerala, this gigantic property is an approved premium homestay and farm tourism provider. It is easily accessible from Kozhikode and Bangalore airports. This ...

price 3,700
Tea Route-Homes Wayanad

Poshmiles – Tea Route Homes


This exquisite homestay in Wayanad is all about the location. Offering quality accommodation, the prime concern here is in creating a homely feel whilst providing a secure stay – a home away from home for the ...

price 5,000
Olive Homestay

Poshmiles – Olive homestay


This homestay exemplifies the experience of luxury living in the lap of nature. Sprawling suites set in a charmingly built cottage on the green hills of Wayanad, the ambiance will definitely hold you spellbound. ...

price 4,500

Poshmiles – Kudajadri Drizzle


Home to a good many things – Wayanad – a land of lush greenery and wild coffee, pepper, rubber and spice plantations that are as diverse as their flora and fauna. A 100-year-old traditional home is a pleasant ...

price 2,750
Patricia Guest House

Poshmiles – Patricia Guest House


An idyllic summer home close to the beachfront, this homestay beckons you to a getaway of rest and rejuvenation. Located in north Pondicherry close to the French Quarter, the surroundings are steeped in a fold of ...

price 3,300

Poshmiles-Cascade Meadows


Evergreen forests teeming with a rich biodiversity make up the alluring atmosphere around <this homestay>. Situated in the heart of the South Indian countryside, the surroundings are filled with the sweet ...

price 2,900

Poshmiles – AS Garden


A homely retreat in the hills of Kotagiri, <this homestay> welcomes guests to a warm embrace in the Nilgiris. The elegantly structured white villa is beautifully complemented by the vivid colours of nature ...

price 3,000

Poshmiles – Peakview Cottage


A tranquil sojourn in the hills is often the best way to spruce up an existence made dull by mundane routine. <this homestay> in the lush landscape of Kotagiri provides an opportunity to do just that. The ...

price 3,000

Poshmiles – The Point


Built of glass cubes along the majestic slopes of the Nilgiris, <this homestay> bears semblance to an exquisite work of art. Stretching beyond as far as the eye can see lies a vast expanse of lush tea estates ...

price 5,900

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Gowri & Friends I was planning a visit to Netherlands and wanted to opt for something out of the box, after a lot of discussion with the Poshmiles concierge team they helped me plan a unique and sustainable trip which gave me an insight to the local community and was fulfilling."