Chikmagalur - The coffee land of Karnataka

Chikmagalur is a tranquil hill station about 250 km from Bangalore. The route is relatively simple. Follow the Bangalore-Mangalore highway till Hassan and then head straight to Belur road till you reach Chikmagalur. The route offers all kinds of driving pleasures ranging from expressways to sharp hairpin bends on hilly roads and boy it is fun! Situated at the foothills of the Mullyanagiri ranges, it is a great attraction for trekkers and those wishing to experience the peaceful ambiance of the city. The other attractions that the town has to offer include Mullyangiri, the highest peak in Karnataka, Jamia Mosque, Kondadarama Temple, St Joseph's Cathedrals well as the Siddheshwara temple, which is just nearby.

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